Race Rules
  1. Absolutely NO Transferring of bib numbers. Registered runners only! This is critical to the safe tracking of all participants and the future of this event. If you are caught transferring or selling your bib, using a pacer or running as a bandit, you will be barred from future events.

  2. Time Constraints will be STRICTLY enforced. These are not suggestions and are no longer up to the discretion of event staff or participants. A runner MUST LEAVE an aid station ahead of cut off times. If you do not make a cut off time, please hand bib number to course marshall. The aid station captain will see that you have a ride back to race HQ. Anyone who finishes the race after 8:30 will be listed on the official finish with No Time.

  3. Race number must remain visible on the front torso at all times.

  4. You must stay on established trail. You are not allowed to leave the trail or make a new trail to shorten the course.

  5. Listen and comply with all marshals, event staff and park officials.

  6. If dropping from the race you must turn in your number the Aid Station captain, course marshal or Race Directors.

  7. No littering. This should go without saying, but this is not a road marathon, do not throw your trash on the ground. The Maryland State Parks is kind enough to give us a permit to hold this event each year. Littering of any kind will make the permit process more difficult than it already is. In addition, you will be disqualified for littering on State Park property.

  8. No race day signup.

  9. No deferrals.

  10. No Pacers and No Bandits.

  11. No hiking poles.

  12. No Dogs for runners. Remind your guests, dogs should remain out of aid stations.

  13. No Early starters. Race starts promptly at 0900, leaving before the official start is grounds for disqualification.

  14. No Headphones.